Monday, August 27, 2012


Look at this face-- Drake, also known as Tai, is just beautiful. Black and white Pekes are stunning. (And so are the reds, the whites, the blacks... I love them all.)Tai was adopted at the picnic, but his owner was unable to keep him due to severe health problems. He came back to rescue.He came to my area for fostering with a great foster mom. He had Peke buddies Teddy and Grace to be friends with.I think they are sharing secrets.Or do they know dinner is being made inside?Tai wasn't treated well before he came into rescue (we think he was a backyard breeder's dog), but he is loving his caring life now. He's afraid of some men, but if they give him time, he's fine.He loves squeaky toys and snuggly beds. He likes to get in his crate-- it's his quiet, safe area. The door is open, but a lot of Pekes like "hidey holes."The good news is that Tai was just adopted and now lives near Jeanne in Richmond. We are excited that he has his own forever home!


lady jicky said...

He is so handsome but he looks like a "gentle" gentleman - if you know what I mean Linda :)

So happy he has a home !!

Toni Davis said...

Awwww! I am so happy he has found his home. Such a gentle looking soul in those eyes!