Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Look at this sweet boy! His owner died recently and the family turned him over to us. They want the best for him, and we provided a "safety net" from others that they couldn't provide. He is six years old and 16 pounds-- it's a solid 16 pounds, so he doesn't seem overweight at all. He is incredibly sweet and loving. He seems to love all the dogs, children and people alike. He has come into his foster home as if he knew it already and is just bouncing around, playing with toys, going outside and being a lovable boy. Welcome to our foster home, Peka!


Ginkgo's Daddy said...

So sorry Peka lost his owner, but he is in the best of hands now. Sounds like he has accepted his loss and is ready to move on to another furever loving and caring home. Peka is such a handsome boy and I know he will be adopted soon. Hugs and kisses to Peka!

lady jicky said...

So sad for Peka but .... I hope something happy will come along real soon for him.