Sunday, May 12, 2013


 Cappy Cappucino is doing GREAT!!    He is the little Peke we got from a Maryland shelter.    He was 6.8 pounds when he was found starving and injured.    He had pressure wounds-- probably from being kept in a tiny crate.  He had matching wounds on his front legs, in exactly the same place.   Shows he was probably in such a tight place that his legs rubbed against the side/gate of whatever he was kept in.    
 In spite of his horrendous treatment, he is THE SWEETEST DOG ever!    He is relaxed and loving in his foster home.  
Cappy is over 11 pounds now, a good weight for him.   His wounds are all healing and he will be ready for adoption once he is neutered.     Someone will be very lucky to have this adorable boy in their home!

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lady jicky said...

Oh I love that last photo!

I would love to have Mr Cappy .... I hope he does find a loving home real soon !