Friday, May 3, 2013


 We have more Peke Picnic pictures!    This is Millie, one of our adopted dogs.    She is so sweet!
 Here is Millie's brother!    He loved being at the picnic.
 Here's Yoshi-- his mom came to the picnic and gave me a beautiful necklack!   She said it looked like Starlight on the medallion.  I love it!
 Robin has been our grillmaster for years-- my husband, Matt, helps her and so does Jim B.    A great grilling team!
 Jon was taking a lot of pictures.  I can't wait to see them.
 Oh, no, it's me-- along with my friend, Gloria.   She and I began doing rescue/fostering about the same time.
 Wanda, Al and Desi-- give us a treat Dad!
 Here's Paige with Tux-- he's a beauty!
 Look at that face-- you want to kiss him!
 His coat is stunning and he's a sweetheart.
 It was a Pekeapalooza Picnic!   We all had so much fun.
 The dogs were so good with each other and we saw many sweet greetings!
 Of course, the Pekes received a lot of love.
 Everyone had a great time.
 Cosmo and Penny (formerly Katrina) were there, all dressed up, too.     Penny was one of the Bristol 18 dogs.
 Piper was just exhausted by it all.     So, he laid down right where he was.
 Liam,Dian's setter was romping with the Pekes.  He's a beautiful dog!
We hope all of you who came had a wonderful time.  


lady jicky said...

What great photos Linda!!!

Oooooo - I so wish I could have been there with you all :)

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Love all the photos from the Peke-nic. Fingers crossed that next year we can come! I know Ted would be in heaven, my Mr. Congeniality! LOL

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Wonderful pics! Thanks to all of the photographers that took and shared their pics. ...Is that Wanda all dressed up? Tux is a beautiful Peke and I want to kiss that face! Poor Piper must have partied too much! So glad all of the Pekes and humans had a great time at the Pekenic!