Friday, May 17, 2013


 Mazie was adopted by her foster mom-- Dee realized she just didn't want this little girl to go anywhere!  
 Mazie is only about six years old.    She got some lumps and they were suspicious so they were removed.    There were some malignancies there, but the margins were clear.   She is going to have further surgery though (a doggy mastectomy) to make sure everything is gone and she will have a long life.  Dr. Hodges, in Roanoke, will be doing this for Mazie.  
In the meantime, Mazie is enjoying her life, and she even gets to work in the garden with her mom.    I wonder if she knows how to dig holes for flowers?     (Piper would love to help me by digging holes!)
We're all cheering for you, Mazie!!     We are sure you'll be just fine!  

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lady jicky said...

Darlin Mazie you are a brave girl !!!