Wednesday, May 29, 2013


 Scooter spent today at the vet.    He wasn't doing well over the week-end-- actually, he was in pretty bad shape.    I texted my vet (Acredale Animal Hospital-- wonderful!) and he immediately called me.   He asked what was wrong and when he heard how Scooter was, he said, "meet me at the vet."    He checked him out (on a day the vet was closed), and said to bring him back in the next morning for tests.    
 This is Scooter in 2006.   He looks so young here!    He loves looking out windows.
 Scooter's "job" at my house is helping the foster dogs.  Scooter is so sweet and he helps them to know they are safe here.    (He's with Stitch here.)  I sometimes feel badly that he's shared almost his entire life with foster dogs here-- but then again, what a blessing he is to each one.
 Scooter was always willing to share a bed with another Peke.   He's such a friendly boy.
 He was content to be in the bed on his own, too.   You can see his tongue-- it's just too big for his mouth!
 He could be a ham-- or a good sport since I'm the one who made him ham it up.
 He is a great helper cleaning the dishes.   His tongue is long!
 Scooter in 2008 with his buddy, Max.    Max was a foster that no one adopted-- he's a great dog.  I can never figure out why some are not chosen.
Scooter is back at the vet today for more tests.    He is pretty immobile, confused, unstable.    It could be a lot of things, but the tests so far have ruled OUT a lot of things, which is good.    We just hope he's recover. Thank you for all your prayers and wishes for my sweet boy.


lady jicky said...

We are sending prayers for dear Scooter !!

I hope your Vet can work out what is wrong with him and he is back on track to good health !
**Scooter is a Peke Social Worker and he has a much needed job at Must Love Peke's - thinking of you Scooterbug !!!

Pekiegirl said...

So sorry to hear about Scooterbug! Hope it's something treatable. He reminds me of my Shamisen. Sending prayers your way. :-/

Nicky said...

Scooter, what a wonderful boy you are!! I am sure you enjoy having peke buddies around and that you also know how much you are loved! We pray for your continued good health and are very thankful for all the help you have given your foster brothers and sisters! Lots of hugs and kisses to you, sweet Scooter!!