Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Jojo and Annabelle were both adopted from PVPC.    Here are pictures and comments from their owner.   (I love comments-- I can just include them in the blog and you know just how special these dogs are to their family!)    The daily routine includes a walk through the neighborhood. They always have a bounce in their step on the way out.

They have their favorite spots to stop, including this nice mailbox post. Sometimes Annabelle wishes she were a boy and sometimes she lifts her leg and pretends.

They also have their favorite lawns for dropping off little gifts. Something I find truly annoying and thoughtless is when people walk their dogs in the neighborhood and don't pick it up. We use sandwich bags and easily pick up after them. Handwarmers on a cold day! Ha!

You can see Jojo loves to go for a walk. Well, at least most of the time. He walks like a bulldog while Annabelle has this funny little prancy roll to her gait.

Annabelle's coat has filled in quite a bit since we first got her. She has like a double coat with an inner coat of fine fur. Jojo's fur, on the other hand, is much thinner without the undercoating. He loves blankets but she never gets underneath one.

They both like to "read the news." Hmm. Pit bull. Male. White. With black spots. Ninety pounds. Thirty minutes ago...

Coming back, they are not nearly as energetic. Two blocks! You can't make it two blocks? Sometimes Judy takes pity on him and carries him back. He knows how to scam her.

After the rain or a heavy dew (as I'm sure you are aware), they actually need to be wiped down to get them dry enough to come back in the house. And don't even get me going about the stuff that falls from the trees and grabs their fur like a magnet.

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lady jicky said...

My girls are like JoJo and Annabelle - they love their walks and reading those Pee-Mails!!! LOL