Thursday, May 23, 2013


 Midnight is being adopted tomorrow.    I'm so excited for him.   His new parents are even more excited!!! YAHOO!!
 When we got him, he had no medical care, so he needed to be neutered, have a dental and get his vaccines.
 He fit right in to the crew.   He found chairs to get on inside and out.   He loves being on the couch.   (It can get crowded up there!)
 He's good with kids-- Beach Bit is good with the Pekes.  He's been around them since he was two months old.   Beach Bit calls him "Night-Night." :-)
 Midnight learned that outside is a good place to go to the bathroom and now he doesn't have accidents.  What a good boy!
 What is this thing on my head-- no licking stitches!
 Look at the teeth-- he has as big an underbite as Monk!    I love those teeth.
I switched him to a Peke friendly e-collar.  These are great--our vet in Roanoke introduced me to these.
Now, Midnight is all ready  to share his charm with his forever family.     I love what one of our facebook friends said:   "PVPC is in the Happy Ending business. Rescuers = Fairy Godmothers (& Fathers, as the case may be!)"    We love being  fairy godmothers!    Love you,  Midnight!!  Have a wonderful life in your new home!!

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lady jicky said...

So Happy!!
Black Peke's are soooo RARE!!