Friday, December 13, 2013


My decorations are up-- and Starlight is sitting under the family room tree.  I didn't show you that the last time.    It's not very clear, but still shows her with the lights behind her.  One day, I'll get a camera that has that special lighting to get great pictures.  
We bought all  new lights this year--I'm  tired of part of the lights going out part way through the Christmas season.
Can you see the snow on my tree?    My grandmother, and my mother did this.   We make the "snow" out of ivory soap bars (not the liquid).   You grate the soap into a bowl, and add a bit of really hot water (not from the tap), and then beat it until it becomes like meringue.     Then, use your hand or a spatula to put it on the branches.   Looks like snow in the moonlight.   I have done it every year since I left home.  
Here is the snow on the blue light tree.   I always have a tree with just blue lights on it-- it's another family tradition.   It only has simple blue balls on it, and it's in the playroom for the grandbits to enjoy.
We call it the Charlie Brown tree-- it's old and scraggly and we love it.    It comes out every year.  (We have artificial trees because of my allergies and they all get washed every year before they go into storage again-- so all the soap is washes off.)
 Beach Bit laid down by the family room tree today to enjoy the light for a bit.   I also have glass blocks with lights in them.   The lights blink and he loves it.
 Of course, we have a little fence around  the tree-- my Scooter would think it's a great spot to pee.   So, I don't give him the option.    Sometimes, Scooter pushes the fence out of the way and I have to get him out.
 Kai Kai and Max usually are together on a rocker.    They just like to lounge together.  They aren't impressed with the Christmas decorations.
 Starlight is just bored with it all.  
  Cranberry just wants to get in her bed and be comfortable.   Do you want something, pretty girl?    Your own Christmas tree?   I'll have to think about it-- where would I put another one? :-)


lady jicky said...

You have lots of trees!
I see why you need that fence around that lovely tree Linda !

I was at a plant nursery today and ---- what for it --- they wanted A$70.00 for a real pine tree for Christmas ! That is US$64.23 !!!
I have a artifical one too Linda! LOL

Toni Davis said...

Beautiful pics Ms Linda! Crannie looks so good lately! Doesn't look like she is in pain like she did for a while! All your babies look very content:)