Thursday, December 26, 2013


 Bear was a foster with his family-- but he has a bit of a testy personality.   His dad adores him and knew he would miss Bear if he left, so they adopted him.    He's still got a Peke-a-tude, but he did consent to being dressed up for Christmas pictures.
 Cassidy has his hat and Christmas tie on-- he's ready for Santa.  He's been so good this year!
 This is Clark, who is now in a foster home.    He stole Cassidy's hat!   We would like to find a new foster home for Clark, where he would have younger dogs to play with.  
 He is sweet, loving, and full of energy.   He was born without a tail, and because of that, he is missing a vertebrae that gives him bowel control.   He needs to wear a diaper inside just to make sure he doesn't leave any presents there.     He was saved from a shelter and we were his only hope-- he is so sweet, he deserves a forever home.   He is about a year old, so if you can foster or would like to adopt Clark, just let us know.
Dollar has the Christmas Santa hat now-- he sure loves his mom and dad.    And I'm sure he loved Christmas, too!   Don't we all!

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lady jicky said...

Poor little Clark !
I do hope he finds a very understanding furever home real soon ---- he is so cute!