Saturday, December 7, 2013


 I love Christmas!   I love Christmas decorations!   I love Christmas movies!  (Just ask my husband.)  I don't necessarily like all the work and mess, but once it's done, I am so happy!    Scooter and Max are at the door while I take pictures.
 The swing has holly on it.
 And the reindeer flag is ready to welcome everyone.
 Santa sits on the stairs-- my mom made this when my girls were small, so he comes out every year.
 Eve (who made all the quilt pieces for our quilt show) made this and I hung it on the clock.
 The living room-- well the PLAY room-- invited the bears to come down for the holidays.
 And Santa sits in there also.
 When my girls were in preschool, they made these Nativity pieces.   We ended up with two Jesus figures, so they both come out at Christmas.    (One kind of looks like a hot dog, but we still love it!)
 The quilt piece here was made by my sister.    It was at an auction and I made sure I won the bid.
 The china cabinet (which belonged to my grandmother)  hosts my Nativity set-- it's high.  Little hands and paws aren't going to touch this one.
 I made this wreath by cutting off the tops of pine cones.   It's old now, but I just love it.
 Eve made this Christmas quilt piece, too.    Can you tell I bought a few!
 I love wreaths, and I put a lot of them together.    This hangs on the porch door....
 And the porch is ready for  Christmas-- I LOVE our new covered porch.  We waited 15 years to do this project to replace the old deck.   It was worth the wait!
 At night, the tree is lit up out there for us and our neighbors.
 Kay and Claretta gave me this wonderful metal  Santa sleigh, pulled by Pekingese!
 I decided to put it in the window though-- I don't want Scooter to "initiate" it!
 The dryer has Christmas decorations, too.    Makes doing laundry more fun.
 Christmas is everywhere at my house.
 Eve made this beautiful Christmas star.  
 And through it all, Cranberry just slept.   Helping me decorate was beneath her, but she did agree to having a jolly holiday "collar" on.
 Well, at least I think she agreed.   I'm sure she'll get some Christmas goodies for being a good girl!


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda your house is wonderful !
I love the pekingese pulling the santa sleds !
Dear Cranberry just slept? LOL

Tracey said...

Linda, your home and decorations are beautiful! Lots of work, but so much fun to enjoy.