Saturday, December 28, 2013


 You have seen this sweet face before.    His name is Onslow and he lived with Daisy.
 Onslow came to the Hodges for special care due to a back injury.    He was able to join in the festivities there.
 He just had cervical spine surgery to eliminate the extreme pain he was in due to a ruptured disc.   Back and neck issues can happen to Pekingese -- they think they are big dogs who can do anything.   Onslow had laser treatment and acupuncture but those weren't  enough to help him.  He needed surgery.
 You can see the scar on his neck where the surgery was performed, and he will be 'in recover' for about six weeks.   Once he is healed, he can play and romp around with the other Pekes.
 He has a crush on Desi, the Diva girl there. He thinks she is just beautiful and has become her good friend.
 Does your tongue always hang out Onslow?
 I think it is just adorable!  
 Just take it easy, sweet one, and rest and take care of yourself.  I know Dr.  Hodges is doing a wonderful job caring for you.
You look very peaceful now and not in pain.  We are so glad for that!    Get well soon!

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lady jicky said...

Get Well Onslow!!

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