Monday, December 2, 2013


 Missy came into foster care a short time ago and was temporarily in Harrisonburg, VA.    She was vetted by Lucinda (Harris Animal Hospital, Roanoke) and did great.  She's a young Peke who only weighs 9 pounds!
 She was terrified in the shelter and is still skittish with new people.    But, she is learning that people love her and that she is safe now.
 She went to her Richmond foster home last week and if you double click on this picture, you can see she has settled right in.
 She is small, but has no trouble jumping right up on a chair.    It's more comfortable than the floor.
She has also found a little soft bed to curl up in.    I know she'll settle in quickly and be ready to go.    But, I would be surprised if she ever leaves her foster home!
 I just received two more pictures of Missy and her new friend, Maddie (who is visiting for the day).  
Her foster mom, Amee, said she is so sweet and her BIG personality is beginning to come out.    She was on the bed and saw herself in the mirror-- oh, if only a video camera was near by!    Missy likes the other dogs in the house and is rolling over for belly rubs.    Oh, we just love this!

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lady jicky said...

Oh she looks like my little Coco!

Missy is just so cute and I hope she finds a wonderful home!