Wednesday, December 17, 2014


 Abigail came into rescue in 2009-- her name was Amy then.   She had been owned by a back yard breeder who has no more use for her and took her to a shelter.   The shelter contacted us and we were glad to help.  
 Jeanne fostered her and has her about a year.   Sometimes, it takes a long time to find that perfect home.     Jeanne had her all pretty with a red bow when her new mom got her.  
 Abigail was about six years old when we got her, seven when she was adopted in 2010.  
 She has a best buddy named Bridget.   I love when they have a friend.   We occasionally get a dog who would love to be the only dog, but most of them love having a friend or two.
 Abigail has thrived in her home and carefully watches her mom when she is cooking.   Something might fall to the floor!
 Bridget is taking a rest, but I'm sure she'll find her sister soon.
I love updates on our adopted dogs-- it encourages us to keep going!    Merry Christmas, Abigail and Bridget!!

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lady jicky said...

Isn't that beautiful and they are "girlfriends forever" too!

Merry Christmas Ms. Abigail and Ms.Bridget :)