Sunday, December 14, 2014


 I know you think this post is about wine or beer-- nope, it's about regular rubbing alcohol--isoprophy alcohol.   Bandit is ready to listen!
 You might think it's okay to use rubbing alcohol if your dog has a sore or scratch.   It's not.    Alcohol on the skin can have many side effects for dogs.   It's not safe.  (You all know my Starlight-- who loves to help with the dishes.)
 It can cause skin irritation and excessive dryness.   It can also delay healing of skin tissue and it can remove the moisture barrier.    Smelling it can also cause respiratory tract irritation and  it is a neurotoxin and can effect the nervous system.
 Use of alcohol can also effect the liver, kidneys and other organs.   Some pet products are beginning to contain alcohol, not a good thing!   Be sure to check labels on everything.    It can be in ear washes, "pet safe" home cleaners, Bitter Apple and urine cleaners.  (I have used Bitter Apple, but no more!)  This is my friend's sweet girl, Clover, above.
Please read this article and keep your pets safe:     Click here: Why You Should Never Use Isopropyl Alcohol On Your Dog | Dogs Naturally Magazine
Jelly wants all his friends to be safe-- and have a Merry Christmas of health and joy!

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lady jicky said...

You know Linda ... in Australia you cannot buy pure alcohol in shops or chemists ( drug stores) . I wanted to clean out my perfume spray some years ago and I thought I could just buy some alcohol in the Chemist and give it a good clean out - no , they cannot sell it - illegal .
So ..... I bought Vodka and used that instead !!! LOL