Tuesday, December 2, 2014


You saw Pepper Ann yesterday.   Well, here are ChaCha and Poncho, her foster siblings.
ChaCha (first picture)  and Poncho (above) were in a shelter in Maryland.  Their owner could no longer care for them and tearfully let them go.   (I've been in touch with her and she is so glad they are safe.)
Poncho is about 17 pounds and ChaCha is 12 pounds.  They are both very sweet.
ChaCha had a birthday recently and her foster parents gave her a party.  How cool is that!   Jackie and her husband are GREAT foster parents!!
Look how long Poncho's ear fringes are!   They look like they have a little black highlighting in them.
ChaCha wore a hat on her birthday and treats were put in front of her.
Dixie, Jackie's own Peke, patiently waits for her treat.
Bubba (adopted from us), Poncho and ChaCha check out the chicken coup.    They have a lot of area to run around in and watching the chickens is great entertainment.
Poncho loves to snuggle-- both of them do.   They both just turned seven and need to be adopted as a pair.    We have special adoption rates to keep pairs together.   These two are so sweet and would make a wonderful addition to your home.    If you are interested, just email us at potomacpekes@gmail.com.  

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lady jicky said...

I just so sorry for the person who had to turn them in!
I do hope they get adopted together and my wish is that the person who adopts them can give a update to the person who had to give them up from time to time.
So sad but .... what beautiful Pekes they are Linda!!!