Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 Melinda is my friend in Australia.    Her grandkids are all ready for Christmas with MoiMoi and Coco.
 I love the reindeer hats. Coco is wondering where her hat is.
 MoiMoi looks sad-- don't let her fool you.  
 Melinda has decorated for Christmas.    I love to see other people's decorations!  
 This little one has a hat and his own tree.
 There are a lot of special ornaments on here-- memories on a tree.
 If you click on the photos, you can see a closer view of the ornaments.
 Coco isn't impressed with all the Christmas decorations.
 She and MoiMoi are just glad to have their summer haircuts-- in Australia, it's hot!
 Melinda made some Gingerbread-- I think it was for her, not the dogs.  I'd like some!
 Sorry, guys-- not for you.
 Her tree has a lot of dogs on it.
 What else can you see?
 Coco is with her Christmas bear.    Is it a Koala?
This isn't a Christmas Peke, but I wanted to share it.  Melinda painted this-- she is SO talented!!   It is of her first Pekingese, Lulu.
 MoiMoi has her Christmas dog.
This is her Peke that her husband gave her one Christmas.  He is French and from the early 1900s.   Melinda decorated him for Christmas.     Melinda, MoiMoi and Coco wish us all a Happy Christmas from Australia!

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lady jicky said...

I was making gingerbread MEN but ... their little arms and legs kept breaking off ---- drove me Crazy!!
So .... I took out the dog bone biscuit cutter and did Gingerbones!
Not dainty but the bones held together !!! LOL