Saturday, December 13, 2014


 Kay and Claretta have the greatest group of dogs!    Six Pekes and a Dobie.  Their Pekes collected change for change several months ago.    Pekes with Purpose!
 Teddy had a birthday last month and he turned 9.   It was when they adopted Teddy that we became friends and now they have adopted four from us-- I think that's right.  We love them!
 Oh my, Teddy is sure enjoying his treat!  
 They lined up all their dogs for a Christmas pictures.   They are:  Tori, Teddy, Pop, Beau, Domino, Maggie and Pumpkin.  
 Domino has on a beautiful red bow-- most of them do.    Domino was adopted from us when they asked for a "tough one" and we chose him.    He has come so far!  
 Pop and Beau were my fosters originally and they went to Kay and Claretta for fostering-- they are so sweet!    And Domino is right beside Beau. (Oh, Beau-- I just want to kiss your face!)
 Pumpkin has a great Christmas hat on-- she looks adorable in it.  She DID have a bow,but  Miss Maggie ate it off!    My goodness, she must have been hungry. :-)
Teddy was done-- "are you finished yet?"  
If you take group Christmas pictures, send them on to me!    

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lady jicky said...

I find it so hard to get only Two peke's to stay in line for a photo! LOL

They must be lovely people to adopt so many doggies .... Merry Christmas to you all from Australia :)