Monday, January 26, 2015


Whoever said you can't buy love has  never paid an adoption fee.  Just look at these adopted dogs!
 Tucker found his loving family in our rescue and his mom can't believe how much she loves him.    He is one sweet boy!
 Cassie was an older girl who was saved from being put down by a caring person.   She now lives near me.   She loves cuddles with her new dad.  
 Buffy was adopted from us and is one of the sweetest Pekes.   Here she was keeping her mom company as her mom recovered from surgery.
 Phoebe (formerly Baby Girl) was adopted from us and now lives with Ming.   Phoebe is their buddy, too, and they all love their walks together.    Our adoption fees for our seniors are VERY reasonable-- and they are so worth it!  This photo is done by ©slkatzman, used with permission.
 Bennett was a puppy we had and his mom will tell you his adoption fee was so worth it!
 Magnolia and Amelia-- loving friends.    Both adopted from us -- I love it!
 Sweet Wylie was adopted when I took him on a home visit just to see how he would do.  He won their hearts!!   He wasn't ready to be adopted, but he wasn't leaving once he met his new family!
 His brother, Cosme, grabbed his new mom's heart and didn't let go.  He is such a sweet boy.
Connor is adored by his mom!     
Here's Ollie.   He was one of my foster dogs.   He is Buffy's brother and he wants to make sure no one takes his chair.   Can't Buy Love??   All these people paid an adoption fee for their pets-- I agree that anyone who has ever paid an adoption fee knows you CAN buy love!  


lady jicky said...

Adoption fees will never cover your intense Vet care that you do and then all the transport and love you all give.
I know its ALOT of energy to do this and the money for Vets , operations and medicine - Wow!
I bet that Adoption fee will never cover that ..... but I know you are all wonderful animal lovers and that is what you do it for ... especially the pekes!

Bravo to you Linda and all your workers for Peke rescue!

* Oh, nearly forgot --- do not overlook the seniors - they rock! LOL

Unknown said...

Soooo True !! <3