Sunday, January 11, 2015


 Seminole came into rescue with Hurricane, his brother.    They have been together their entire life.
 But, they had to be apart because Seminole/Semi was hospitalized for severe pancreatitis.
 Pancreatitis is VERY serious.   If you notice any symptoms, don't wait to take your pet in or organ damage can occur.
 Click here: Inflammation of the Pancreas in Dogs | petMD
 Semi was on IV's for 9 days-- he wouldn't eat, he was on pain meds.   He was in serious condition.
 His foster mom visited him almost every day and I went up there several times to visit with him.
 His foster mom even brought his brother to visit, but Semi was pretty out of it.
 The vet even went next door to Chick-Fil-A and asked for broiled chicken.   My vet will do this for the serious patients there-- just to see if they will eat.   I think that's incredible!   (Love my vet!)
Semi ate!    
He was finally able to go home and he wandered around his yard and explored his foster home-- just to make sure nothing had changed, I'm sure.   He cuddled up next to his brother to sleep and is doing so much better.  He goes back to the vet this week for a recheck.   I'm so glad he pulled through this.  So many of you were behind him when you got updates on facebook.  Thank you for all your prayers for him!  

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lady jicky said...

My Coco has pancreatitis and I find the Royal Canin brand - "Low Gas" dry food and their tinned food for this condition really settles Ms Coco down and sometimes I will give her microwaved chicken breasts and sometimes a little vege's too but the rice, microwave chicken the the veg's cannot be given to her everyday.... I give them to her for variety in her dull food :) ... every two of three days amongst her special Royal Canin food. That way it does not upset her tummy and she still gets spoilt!!
If anyone is thinking of adopting Seminole ... do not worry ! These days we have special food for dogs like this :)