Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Have you ever added pumpkin to your dog's food?    Here's some information on why it might be good.
I add pumpkin to most of my dogs' food.    There are good reasons to add it.  (Sunny's above with his mom.)
 (Biscuit and Marshall above guarding their yard.)   Pumpkin can aid the immune system with all the good things that are in it.  
 Max is my oldest Peke now-- I want my dogs healthy, so a small spoon of pumpkin is good on their food.   Max loves it!
 Pandy above is an older girl.  She was one of my fosters and  now lives across the street with my daughter.    Pumpkin can help older dogs with weight control.    It is high in fiber and low in fat.   (I wonder if it would help us humans to eat it on our diet!)
(This is Pepper Anne.     She is an active senior in our rescue.)   Pumpkin can support urinary health.   The vitamins in it are supposed to aid the bladder.   I know Pekes can be prone to bladder infections, so it's worth trying pumpkin.
 This is Simon, adopted last year from us.     Most dog think pumpkin is yummy-- so that's another reason to add it to their diet.   (Some dogs will lick it right off the spoon!)
 My Starlight is a picky food eater.   She will push her food around and "bury" pieces of it around the bathroom (her private dining room).   I add a little pumpkin to her food to entice her.   Pumpkin has a little texture to it and most dogs like that.   With Starlight, though, you never know on any given day, if she will eat all her food. :-)
 Lexie has pumpkin on her food every day to help her stomach.   She is on a lot of medications, and pumpkin helps her.
Starlight and Lexie above share a hidey hole by my desk.   If I'm working, there is usually a dog or two there.    Pumpkin is a food that most dogs are not allergic to.   So, it is a safe food to add on their kibble.      I use it and keep it right with the canned foods I add on top of their dry food.    They love it and I'm always for good, healthy things to add to their diet.    You can read this article for more information:   Click here: 8 Reasons to Feed Pumpkin to Your Dog


lady jicky said...

Yes I feed pumpkin to the girls!

They can get constipated with some of their pills and that can help but ......
The other thing you can feed is a half a teaspoon of psyllium husks that you can get in the Health food section of the supermarket!
Works a treat ..... also humans can have these husks and if you look at the contents of Metamucil Fibre Supplements which is $$ from the drug store ... you will see psyllium husks! A pack of those husks is so much cheaper!!! LOL

David Niall Wilson said...

My dog Gizmo loves pumpkin (he eats raw pumpkin and will guard it with his life). One of his favorite things in the world.