Friday, January 9, 2015


 Piggy (formerly Sunny, Sung-Sing, and many other nicknames) had a wonderful Christmas!
 He and his friends, including Sebastian and Aeneas, had a great time.  
 The three of them went to see the horses-- a favorite activity.
 Piggy and Sebastian are letting the horse know they are thrilled to be there!
 And I think they have secrets to tell, so the brown horse is listening closely.
 "Hey little buddies, do you have secrets for me, too?"
 They do!   Listen up!
 Is this a horse selfie, or does he want to know more?
 Must be good because both horses are back.
 Now Aeneas is in on it.    This story must be good!
 It's a horse head-tilt.   He's listening hard! (I love Pekingese head-tilts.)
"Don't go!   There must be more to tell!"
 "Okay, listen quick."
 Reinforcements-- this must be quite a story!
 "Do you think he really wants to know?"
"I heard that!   Of course, I do.    Bring your friends back for more stories!"


Toni Davis said...

So cute! What breed is Aeneas(sp)? He is gorgeous. They are all beautiful and the horses seemed to really like them which is a little unusual!

lady jicky said...

I wonder if the horses were telling the peke's what to back on the third race !!!!
Maybe a trifecta bet !!!

Life of books, movies, travel and dogs said...

The one with the red bow is Henry, the other one is Nike. They are westies, also rescues... These ponies are over at a local school. They are used with kids and are used to families and dogs.