Wednesday, February 4, 2015


 I have met some great people on facebook or through my blog.  Emily is one of them.    This is her Peke, Newman.   I've seen that look before, Newman.   (Why is mom taking my picture?)
 I've known Emily since before she had her children and she has two now!   Drizzle was there to welcome the kids.
 I think Drizzle is taking over the kids' toys.
 Emily had to set up a few boundaries to use sometimes with the kids and the dogs.   That's wise.   Some people just get rid of their dogs-- but for Emily, the Pekes were already part of the family.
 Drizzle was glad for that!   Drizzle can be a little testy at times.   Gee, can you imagine a Peke being testy? :-)
 Newman is pretty good with the kids, but Pekes and toddlers sometimes need time outs from each other.     I have grandchildren and so Emily and I can share our stories with each other.    Pekes, kids, we both have them.   And lots of love from all of them.
 Yes, Drizzle, we can talk about you, too.   You are very pretty!
Newman just likes to curl up sometimes-- this is an older picture, but I bet he still does the same thing.  Maybe he needs the rest from all the kids antics?  I know my Pekes  can sleep for hours after the grandbits have been here.    I'm so glad to have Emily as a friend, and maybe one day, we'll meet in person!  

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lady jicky said...

Moi is good with kids but Coco is testy too!