Tuesday, February 3, 2015


 I think wearing i.d. on collars is so important.   I know Gus wears his i.d. all the time.
 My former foster, Ricky wears his collar and i.d. all the time.   It's really important.
 This is Anna Belle.    My neighbor knocked on my door.    I could tell she was holding something.
 My neighbors know I foster animals, and she asked if this was one of mine.    This little girl was cold, wet all through and shaking.    I just took her and wrapped her in a towel.    My instinct to help just took over!    I talked to this little girl.   I tried to blow some warm air on her, but she just wanted to  be held and wrapped in a towel.    
She had tags on!!   I called the number and left a message.    Then, I saw her name was Anna Belle and she used my vet.  So, I called them, ready to give information on her rabies tag, phone number and name.    Her owner had already called the vet, so when I called the vet, they already knew Anna Belle was missing.    Her owner and I connected and she came RIGHT over to get her little girl.   The owner had a Super Bowl party on Sunday night and somehow Anna Belle got out.  She was out in the rain and cold all night.   The owner was so distraught and said from now on, she'll babygate Anna Belle  in the bedroom when she has a lot of company to make sure she doesn't get out again..   The good news is that she had her collar and tags on-- so she was able to go home as soon as I got her.    I think dogs (pets) should have collars and tags on all the time-- you never know when they might slip out.   Anna Belle is now home and safe and warm.   All because she had her i.d. tags on.  

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lady jicky said...

I am so happy this had a happy ending for Anne Belle !!!