Thursday, February 12, 2015


 Muffin came to me in 2007 from a local shelter.  
 She was tiny (underweight) and sweet-- and heartworm positive.
 You can see the square patch on her back where she was shaved to administer the heartworm treatment.  She did great!    She recovered well and then went to live with my friend, Cherry.    It was actually the day I met Cherry (July 23, 2007) -- Cherry ended up taking in 7 of our Pekes, most older and needy.   She loved each one of them so much.    They were able to spend their remaining years with her.  
 Muffin was very special to Cherry because she was the last one of her dogs.    Muffin was having a lot of health issues.
 She was a beautiful little girl-- we wish we could fix everything, but age does effect them all eventually.
 Muffin was so affectionate and loved the other dogs and Cherry.    At the end, she was able to receive so much attention.     She passed away on February 6-- I was so sad to find out.
Little Muffin, you are out of pain now, and able to run free with all of your friends.     We'll see you again one day!  Rest in peace, sweet one.


lady jicky said...

Oh I am so sad to read this .

My thoughts to Muffins family .

Unknown said...

RIP sweet girl run free