Sunday, February 15, 2015


 There have been too many farewells this week.   I just found out that little Girl-Girl died yesterday.  This was her shelter picture.
 She was turned into a shelter in 2013 because the owner could no longer take care of her.   She was at least 11 years old and had vision problems.
 Dee went and got her and fostered her.   She fell in love, like so many of us do and decided to keep Girl-Girl.  
 With help/medicine for her eyes, Girl-Girl was able to see a little bit.   She also was very willing to be the follower to Maizie, his Pekingese sister.
She was such a sweet dog and she loved to have belly rubs.   She received a lot of attention from neighbors when out on a walk and was loved by so many.
 Girl-Girl had a wonderful life with Dee, Larry and Maizie.  She had a special spot to lay behind Larry's chair when he was working on the computer.    She was secure and loved.
Girl-Girl began to have back issues-- the same type that my Cranberry had.    She became paralyzed and was in pain, and so she left, having her tummy rubbed and her head petted.    Her family will miss her so much.   Girl-Girl had a blessed life with Dee and Larry-- run free now, little one.  
Girl-Girl's mom write this about her and I wanted to add it to her farewell.   She loved Girl-Girl so much.

My name is Girl-Girl, and I was a beautiful golden haired Pekinese.   I loved to be petted, to go for car rides, eat and be loved on.  I loved belly rubs especially.   I was very protective of my food, and would not let another dog near me when I was eating, otherwise they were in for trouble!

I lived with my first family for 11 years.  They loved me, but when I got older, they could not afford to pay my medical expenses, so they put me in a shelter.   Thankfully, my new family picked me up the very next day and took me home to live with them.  They had another younger Peke, and I was frightened at first, but my new family fixed up a nice kennel for me to stay in and feel safe until I could get to know them all better.

My new family took me to the vet right away, and discovered that I was nearly totally blind, because of an untreated eye infection.   We got medicine that helped me see again, so I could get around much better.  I soon got the hang of the new house where I lived.

Mommy and daddy loved me so much!  Mommy put me in her lap and rubbed my belly, and I had a special spot behind daddy’s desk where I watched him work.   I even helped one night by sitting in his computer bag.  We went on walks together and barked at other dogs.  Mazie and me sat together at the front door, watching for daddy to come home. 

I lived with my new family for 1 ½ years, and we did so well together.   Mommy even took me with her on vacation to North Carolina in April 2014.  It was so pretty there, and I had a nice yard to play in at the house where we stayed.

My long back always gave me problems, and I had some arthritis, but I did well.   In January, 2015, I started having a hard time walking.  We went to my nice vet and got pills, and it looked like they would fix everything, but they didn’t and I had a disc rupture, which paralyzed me.   My mom had to make the decision to let me go to heaven.   She cried and cried, and told me how much she loved me.   I left, being kissed and petted, and my mommy rubbing my belly, which was my favorite thing.   I saw a bright light, and then a beautiful golden dog with wings came to take me to heaven.   It was so pretty, and I could run and play and had no pain at all.  It was like when I was a puppy!   I watched my mommy for a little while and wanted to tell her I was OK, but she couldn’t hear me.    The angel dog said it was OK, that we would all see each other again someday.    Until then, I am happy here.  There is another Peke here named Pooh, and we play together, and she’s been showing me the ropes while I get adjusted. " 


Linda B. said...

Linda, I see what you mean about farewells this week. So sorry for everyone involved.
Maybe God just needed some more sweethearts in heaven....

lady jicky said...

I am so sorry to read this.

Our thoughts go out to Ms Girl's family .... I am so glad they adopted Girl Girl for she sure had a wonderful life being in that family , and , she was such a sweet Peke !!