Thursday, February 11, 2016


 Hello everyone!!    I wanted to do an update on our rescue so an easy way was to put it into a blog.   Camden, above, is one of our foster dogs.    (You can see bios on all our fosters at   Camden is a sweet, loving boy.   He gets along with most dogs.   He needs a foster home because his foster brother has a personality conflict with him.   Please help Camden!  He is also ready for a forever home!
 We have had some adoptions.   Al came in as a senior.  He had surgery to remove a mass and ear surgery.   He is such a sweet boy and a family fell in love with him!   He gets to live out his days in a forever home with lots of love.    (We have quite a few seniors-- they deserve forever homes, too.)
 Millie Lee came into rescue a few weeks ago.   We had someone who wanted her right away!   WOW!    She is so happy in her new home.
 Maizie is living with a great family near me-- they just adopted her and adore her.    Three adoptions!!  I love it.
 Elsa is still looking for a home.  She is a beautiful Peke-- but she doesn't trust everyone.   It takes time for some Pekes to get over whatever they have been through and Elsa needs someone to give her that time.   She does fine with other dogs, and is a younger Peke.  
 Oh, Shakespear/Shakers.   You are so cute!!   He is being fostered near me and is adorable.  
 Theo is also being fostered near me.   He has come a long way since coming into rescue.   His foster mom is so patient with those who have trust issues.   I wish our fosters could tell us what they have been through, but we just give love and care-- and good food and toys... That overcomes a lot.  (Look at his beautiful eyes!)
 This senior is sweet Daisy-- she loves to be around people, even though she is quiet.   She likes to be outside and chat with the big dog next door.   They just love each other.     Daisy would love to have a forever home.
 Dylan is in a foster home with other dogs and he does just fine.    The shelter said he "rolled his eyes" so they deemed him unadoptable.  (Wow, if rolling our eyes is a negative thing, a lot of us would be considered unsafe!)   He is 7 years old and is a sweet boy.  He loves being in a home after being a breeder's stud for all his life.
 Bowie is newer to rescue.   Just look at how cozy he is.    He does great with other dogs and is a sweetheart.
 Here are two of our seniors-- Lester and Millie.   Our rescue loves seniors and we take them in when other rescues won't.  We firmly believe they deserve to be saved and given a wonderful life.  
 Evie and Sadie are a mom/daughter pair who need to stay together.   They are so sweet and their foster mom loves them.   But, they would love a forever home, too.
Oscar is a dollbaby.    He is only 5-6 years old and is so sweet.  
As you can see, we have quite a selection of dogs to choose from.   We also have some "forever fosters" and I'll be doing a blog on them, too.   Our rescue takes all ages, all conditions because we have the best supporters who step up to help us.   We also have incredible vets-- our main ones are Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach, Farmer's Veterinary Hospital in Richmond, VA and Harris Animal Hospital in Roanoke.    We highly recommend them if you are in those areas.    If you are interested in fostering or adopting, just go to our web site at: or email us at (or me at   We are glad to help!  

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lady jicky said...

Oh so many lovely , lovely Pekes to adopt!

I am doing my Adoption Dance for them all ..... so many sweet ones and what a hard --- and yet enjoyable choice!!! :)