Wednesday, February 10, 2016


 I would like to be out on the porch, watching Beach Bit play basketball.
 I would like a warm day (it's February, but I can dream) where I could watch Sugar Bit on the swing.
 Instead, I am on the couch, not talking because I have laryngitis.   I can barely make a squeak.   Kai Kai, my ever present shadow, is there with me.
 Floyd is never far away.   He is on a cushion at my feet.
 Starlight is in her hidey place on the coffee table shelf.  She loves to climb in there.
Chumley came in from the kitchen to crawl into his bed.  The cold weather is making his arthritis act up and he is a  little stiff.   
Max is curled up on the dog bed in front of the fireplace.   Maybe I should turn it on.  (It's gas, so easy, no clean up!)   I think sometimes, our bodies just need a lazy day.   Sometimes, our body tells us to slow down, to not go 100 mph.   So, yesterday was that day.   Watching movies, closing my eyes, sipping water (or coffee or gator aid), and snacking is my version of a quiet day.   I don't take them often, and almost skipped a blogging day.   I hope you have taken a quiet day.   It can be rejuvenating!   And the Pekes like it, too.

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lady jicky said...

Oh there is nothing like a "day in bed" ...... just resting and relaxing .
I hope you are feeling better Linda :)