Sunday, February 21, 2016


 Theo came into rescue last fall.   We don't know what happened to him, but he was timid and unsure.   Rescue groups like ours use foster homes to teach dogs how to be in a home, to show them that they are worthy of  love and care.   Theo was not sure he was.    But, he is learning!
 Toni is his foster mom and she has so much patience-- all our foster homes are wonderful!   Toni has a doggy door to go to her yard.   She has been trying to teach Theo to use it when she is home.  The other dogs do and we hoped they would show him, too.  WELL, all of a sudden, Theo got it!
 Theo was so proud of himself, that he went and sat by the treat jar, so he knew he had done something wonderful!!  YAHOO!!  
And to top it off, Theo began to interact with one of Toni's Pekes.   He has never really been comfortable doing this.   He watched them, but it was as if he did not know how to be friends.   Abigail was doing her little bounce/prance/nip/run/prance dance.   All of a sudden, Theo started to play back with her, with gentle little nips, and the two played for almost 15 minutes!   Theo is realizing he is a dog, that he is important, that he can play, that people love him.   WOW.   I love knowing our fosters are progressing so much because of all that is being done to help them.  Thank you, Toni!  


lady jicky said...

OK Toni ..... buy a suitcase and a passport and get Theo on the plane to Australia ... I want him! :)

Toni Davis said...

lady jicky you would love him! He certainly is a work in progress and he is all of a sudden progressing by leaps and bounds and, he ALWAYS has love to give and just follows me everywhere I go in the house!

Mysticchyna said...

I love stories like this. Reminds me a lot of Bage. It took about 4 months for him to figure out how to chew on a bone chew. It was a little over another couple months after that, when at 4a.m we were woken up by the sound of squeaking toy. Bage had figured out how to play, and went on with the toy for about a half hour. It was in the wee hours of the morning but Marc and I just watched in wonder and did not want to break Bage's play time.