Wednesday, October 4, 2017


 Bella and Simon have made themselves very comfortable at our house.  But, like the other fosters, when a good home is found, we will let them go-- sad at it might be.  (They have had a lot of applications, but we are picky and they will only go to a wonderful home.)
 There is a new friend next door!   Lily is my nephew's dog and he's visiting my sister for a week (she lives next door to me). 
 Sugar Bit is thrilled and Bella keeps running out to see if Lily is there.
 There she is!  Lily is a very sweet, laid back dog, probably under a year old. 
 She's very gentle and Sugar Bit is good with animals (she's pretty used to them and how to interact since she' been around so many).
 She is learning to say Lily-- it's a 2 year old's way of saying it.
 Can you see Lily?
 There she is!   Simon is checking her out again.  He loves to go to the fence to see if she's out in the yard.
 I think she went inside-- let's go back to the porch.
 Simon, you can watch for her from here.
And after a day of playing, running the yard, and chatting with their friend, Lily, next door, they are ready to sleep and rest.  It was a busy day!

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LadyJicky said...

You never know what you can see through a fence! LOL