Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Sometimes, we need to do an errand, or go to work, or just be away for awhile.  But, Pekes think if we are gone one minute, it's really hours!  Yogi and Sugar think that.
Sugar, Lola, and Yodi are saying, "Come back!  Come back!"
At my house, this is a familiar scene.  My daughter lives across the street, so sometimes, I'm just out front, or in her yard.  Floyd and Mattie (adopted now) thought it was an eternity!
They are in their new home now.  I think they are pouting. 
Where is she?
I think Floyd taught Benjamin/Benny and Mattie well.  They learned how to make their mom feel very guilty about leaving.
Guinness does this with his mom, too.  That woe-is-me look gets us every time.
Jay Jay, Penny and Cosmo (who crossed to the Rainbow Bridge last December), were watching under the gate.  Talk about a guilt trip!
Yodi and Sugar perfected it, too.   This seems to be one of their favorite places.
Jay Jay is WAITING.
And his sister, Penny found another place to gaze at with a forlorn look.
Monica's group (some are her mom's) think working in numbers can be to their advantage.   We are all familiar with this-- and we usually give in!  How can we help it!?


Lost Earring said...

Love today's story because it is exactly what happens at our house when we leave or we simply are out of their line of vision.

And the door thing is the same, they all three lay at the base of the door just in case we try to sneak in quietly.

LadyJicky said...

Coco hates it when we leave too.