Tuesday, October 31, 2017


 I had a computer crash, but am back up, so I'm just posting pictures of CUTE  CUTE Pekes.
 They all belong to Gayle (because my computer lost lots of drafts I had of Halloween Pekes).
 Remember, that Halloween and all the scary things can terrify your dogs. 
 SO--- please keep them inside. 
 And if you are giving out candy, block your front door, or put your dog on a leash, so they can't bolt if they are afraid.  (Or even if they decide they'd like to go trick or treating.)
 It's better not to take your dog out trick or treating, because they may find candy dropped (chocolate! ugh) and all that stuff would be harmful to them.
 So, enjoy Halloween.
 Have fun.
 Keep your eyes open.
 Put on a hat.
 Or antennae.
 Stick out your tongue if you don't like the costumes.
 Or gang up so people see double.
 ROAR if you want to.
 And cuddle up to your favorite toy.
Above all, be safe.  Happy Halloween! 

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LadyJicky said...

Happy Halloween to you all ......every Peke was just beautiful Linda!

Well....... the shops here in Australia are really going all out with all the things you can buy.
When I was young we did not have Halloween here but Guy Fawkes Day on the 5th of November was the big thing!
Lots of fireworks. These days Guy Fawkes Day is not so big with the banning of fireworks etc. I do think Halloween is getting popular here now.
So ....... I am expecting my grand kids at the door and hopefully some more kids as I have lollies galoure and my Big Spider on the door!!! :)