Friday, October 6, 2017


 Mattie came to us after my daughter found her in a crate by a bank.  My daughter has rescued animals (and people) before and we were so happy that Mattie was found and was safe.    After having medical care, she settled in at our home.  She fell in love with my other foster, Benjamin/Benny, and they were adopted together. 
 Rita is the best mom to these two very special dogs.   A history of neglect is now behind them.  They are cared for and loved.
 Mattie is very outgoing and showers kisses on everyone visiting.
 They keep their mom company and sleep on the bed with her.  Mattie wakes her in the morning with kisses.   Benny joins in!
 Mattie is also a "seeing eye dog" for Benny.  He does so well getting around, but also takes cues from Mattie.  When we foster in rescue, each dog becomes part of our heart.   But, the special ones, the ones who are blind or disabled, or who have neglect and abuse in their past, they become even more special.  So, finding a home together for Benny and Mattie made my heart  smile.
We received a package from Rita, and it had a gift for my daughter as a thank you for finding Mattie.  Any of you who are mothers know that a gift for one of our children is like getting a gift yourself.  So, my daughter  shared the beautiful note that Mattie herself wrote.   What a gift.  And I know that Mattie will be told the story of her rescue over and over by her mom.  It's a story with a wonderful, happy ending. 

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LadyJicky said...

Yes it is a wonderful rescue story and I am so happy those two are together with Rita!!
Love that mug :)