Thursday, October 12, 2017


 Sunny (Tang) came into rescue and needed eye surgery right away.   Thank goodness, most of our foster homes are near specialists.
 Her eye was in  immediate danger of rupturing.
 I'm sure this is how she felt about surgery-- but it was for her own good. 
 I know she feels better now.
 She went to a foster home with Ginger-- and we honestly were not sure Ginger would accept her AT ALL. 
 But, Ginger totally surprised us!
 She immediately took to Sunny and became her best friend!
 Sunny made herself right at home.
 She found some toys and was so cute with this one.  If you look, you can see she has on a clear e-collar, I almost missed it!  Makes a good toy holder.
 She enjoys the doggy stroller-- she's so small.
She is doing great and we'll know soon if her foster mom is going to keep her (which I suspect!) or if she will be available.  She needed rescue and I'm so glad we could help her.

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LadyJicky said...

Oh I would keep that cutie Sunny Tang too!!! Pretty!!!