Wednesday, October 11, 2017


 Ginger Kent came to us last November. 
 This is the picture I got and I thought, "how adorable!"
 She was a cute girl.
 But, when we got her, her eyes were a mess, goopy and in bad shape.   She had health needs.   She had immediate eye surgery to close a hole in her eye that was seeping and her vision was saved. 
 She was adopted after she healed and she now lives with a special friend named Louie.
 I think they share secrets with each other.
 Yes, I'm talking about you both.
 They like to be close and here they are, curled up together.  Ginger Kent was fostered by Jackie and Bill and so Jackie made her a special blanket-- and it fits right under the bed.
 She is loved and happy in her new home.
It was a happy day when she came into rescue and then joined her forever family!

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LadyJicky said...

Ginger and Louie ... you can just see they are great mates and I love the photo of them both in the pink bed!!!!