Tuesday, August 20, 2019


 Missy came into rescue in 2010.  I remember she had pink ear tips, so someone must have loved her and not known how to find her.
 Beth and Dave were her foster parents. 
 Missy had problems with one of her eyes, so it was removed, but it didn't bother her.
 She loved being outside...
 the snow was fine, too.
 Christmas made a beautiful time for sweet pictures. 
  She was never adopted, which I didn't understand because she was so sweet. 
 So, her foster parents adopted her.
 Missy was greatly loved by them. 
 She enjoyed posing for pictures.
 And her group photos were wonderful!
 I love this one.
Run free now, and find your brothers, Teddy Bear and Wylie, who went there before you.  💜  You were loved.


JessicaE said...

What a beautiful little Pekingese Missy was. She will be missed by many especially those who were fortunate to have cared for her & who loved her. Thank you to her foster who adopted her & those who helped her along the way. Thank you for the heartfelt post with her pictures that show how truly loved she was.

LadyJicky said...

What a beautiful Snow Peke little Missy was !

Hugs to all her family ... she will be so missed.