Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Rich and Daisy
I can't remember how long ago Rich and I met through Pekes.  I know he had rescued a dog named Rusty, and somehow we became friends.  I've followed his adventures and learned about his home town-- in England!   We both have grandkids now and we both love Pekingese.
His little Daisy just had a dental, so she was recovering. 
Rich adores her.   
Wake up, Daisy.
I think Rich is one of our biggest fans.  He and Daisy do so many yard sales to help raise money for us and it's amazing!  I just wish I was close enough to go (he lives in Pennsylvania).   He has so many incredible things for sale!  Lots of great treasures!
It's amazing how many wonderful people you meet through rescue.  I'm glad I met Rich! 

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LadyJicky said...

Rich is one great guy to support the Peke's like he does ! Yeah - he is a Peke Angel :)

Oh that Daisy...... what a beautiful redhead girl ... she is the Nicole Kidman of Peke's!! :)