Tuesday, September 3, 2019


 Sweet Gus was adopted five years ago!
 He was one of Jeanne's favorite fosters-- we have a lot of them, but some really touch your heart in a deeper way.
 Gus came into rescue in such bad shape and covered in fleas.  His skin was a mess, but he did so well healing and growing hair.
 He was so pathetic looking, but his sweet spirit was always there.
 He came to the picnic.
 My daughter, Meghann, held him.
 She's a Peke lover like me, and she fell in love with Gus.
 I did, too!   (I was holding two purses that I bought at the silent auction-- LOL.)
Gus is so loved and cared for so well.  He loves his mom so much.
 Gus lives in New York, but comes to Virginia often.   He travels on the train sometimes and is a great companion. 
Happy Adoptaversary, Gus and Susan.   I'm so glad we can hear updates and even see Gus sometimes.   It makes rescue so much better!!  ❤️

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LadyJicky said...

Oh Gus .... I would love to travel on the train to the Big Apple and down to Linda's Virginia with you. What fun we would have .