Friday, September 13, 2019


 Tribble came into rescue last month after going through two shelters.
 He was a big boy and needed to lose weight.  He had to be treated for fleas and was groomed at my vet to get rid of matts and knots.  He was so good.   He had limited vet care before we got him. 
 He had something wrong with his gait, so we did xrays.  They showed significant damage to his back left leg.  The vet said he must have had an injury previously that was not treated.    It's sad when we get them and can't do much because an injury is old. 
 Due to his leg injury, he cannot do stairs very well-- he can do the one step to the yard, and he has made major physical adaptations.   His right side has more muscles to support his body.  It's amazing how these dogs can adjust to challenges and still maintain a happy and joyful spirit. 
 He was treated for an eye infection also, and is mostly deaf, but he seems to be doing great.   I have several deaf dogs in my home and a gentle tap tells them I'm there. 
He is on a diet, to lose a few more pounds.   He is 11-12 years old and still wants to have a forever home.   If you have a heart for seniors like I do, this may be the one for you.   Just let us know! 
Email if you have questions. 

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LadyJicky said...

Oh what a lovely boy ...... I would have him in a heart beat .... does he have a passport?

I am doing my Adoption Dance right now for that fabulous black Peke Tribble!

He is just so courageous with his injured leg.... he needs a special Fur-ever Home!!!