Monday, September 23, 2019


 Magoo and his sisters and his mom and dad live in Florida. 
 This is how he felt about the hurricane that tried to come through there.  He was brave, though, and they all did fine.
 Magoo and China Doll (or is it China Doll and Magoo?) were safe in the care of their mom and dad.   Hurricanes can be scary!
 China Doll was a rescue who had cataract surgery and can see now!  It's amazing how vet care can do so much.
 Their daddy has been battling cancer and their mom's positive attitude and determination have inspired us all.   She is amazing.
 She doesn't believe in quitting.
 Magoo's mom has so much love in her and it was so nice to meet her at our picnic last year (2018).   We hope she can come again! 
We are all cheering them on and praying for them as they continue this battle-- I know Margie can feel the love from all over.  💜 (a purple heart because purple is Margie's color!)

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LadyJicky said...

Big Purple Hearts and super prayers coming from Australia to you Margie , your husband and your four paws family too.