Thursday, September 5, 2019


 This face--- Paddington is SO photogenic.
 You would think there wasn't a mean bone in his body.
 Not Paddington! 😕
 Mizmo was so "blank" when he came to my home.  He wasn't a threat to anyone. 
 You would think he was so sweet, too.   And he is!   And so is Paddington!  Just not to each other!   UGH.
 Mizmo had so many vet visits and he continues to heal and have  more personality.
 Max, the Old Gentleman, says, "Just get along!"
 Mizmo says--"only if Paddington is nice."
Don't let this sweet face fool you.  He can be a pistol.  He has a little fiery temperament and when he gets testy, most of the others don't respond.  But, Mizmo will.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  It's interesting here!  (Baby gates are up!)


LadyJicky said...

Listen to Max you two !!!!

Jan said...

Is it a territorial issue with Paddy and Miz? Our Charlie is very much that way when it comes to other dogs. Regardless, they’re all precious and so loved ♥️ Thanks for sharing the pics!

Lost Earring said...

Love their story and look at those darling sweet little innocent faces. I think Paddington may be a tad jealous and feels Mizmo is a threat to his standing with the Maxwell Family.

Mizmo, on the other hand, came in in terrible condition and had no time or strength for a battle for pecking order. He had a very shaky beginning with his health. Now, of course, he's on the mend and believes that he should become a permanent part of this wonderful household.

So baby gates it is until the decision is made on where Mizmo will go but I don't think he ever wants to leave.