Saturday, September 7, 2019


 King Wyatt heard there was a big hurricane out there, but his area in NC was safe.   Thank goodness.
 Granger hid under the bed for awhile.
 But, then he put on his helmet so he could venture outside safely.  LOL
 Hurricane hair was the result.
 Max doesn't hear well (or see well) so he wasn't phased by the hurricane.
 Mizmo and Kai Kai were fine inside-- and we didn't lose power.  How did that happen!   It did go off and on a few times-- but then stayed on.   YIPPEE!
 Dixie was glad to be safe.
 Archie and his girl made it a movie day.   Sounds good!
 Cosme lives near me-- he just ignored it.
 Griffin the Grub said, "is it over?"
 Jamie's Peke stayed in the harness and leash all day just in case of an emergency.  Good idea!
 And Jazsel's Peke just hung out.
 Judith's dogs in Jupiter, FL did fine.  Once it passed, they were able to go outside in safety.
 Macy snuggled with his mom, Tracy.   He knew she would take care of him.  They don't live far from me and are such a sweet family.
 Riley wondered where all the rain came from-- I think all the dogs were wondering that.
 Susie gave her opinion of the whole storm hurricane episode! 
Sydnie in Richmond slept through it all with mom near by.   I hope all of you fared well who were in the path of Dorian.   Stay safe.

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LadyJicky said...

I am so glad everyone was safe and you did not have a power outage Linda.

I have to say .... I have never heard of "hurricane hat hair" !!! lol