Monday, September 2, 2019


Rosie came into rescue after being in a shelter and multiple homes before that.  She is only four years old, and her life had been hard.
She was with Barbara briefly and then went to a foster home.   
She was adopted and returned-- she just wasn't doing well.  The family was wonderful, but Rosie was having trouble.
So, we brought her back and she went to a foster home with only one other dog.  But, Rosie wasn't happy.   We weren't sure what to do-- but then, Barbara, her first temporary foster said, "Bring her back to me." 
Somehow, when Rosie first arrived at Barbara's house, she bonded with her.  We didn't know that, but Rosie was not going to be happy anywhere else.   (Starlight did the same thing-- she refused to let anyone adopt her or handle her--she was ours. )
Rosie runs in the yard, cuddles next to Barbara and is getting along with the three male dogs there.  Sometimes, a dog who has been through a lot, will choose a safe person.  And that is where they need to be.  So, Rosie, welcome back to rescue where you will stay with your foster mom Barbara.  Your roaming days are done.  💜


LadyJicky said...

I was so sad while reading your post today Linda but it sure had a happy ending for little Rosie !

Rosie knew she meet her 'soulmate" in Barbara..... it had to be!

So happy for you all :)

Loveistheanswer said...