Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Snow

I live in Virginia Beach. We had a blizzard last night! Well, for Virginia Beach, it was a blizzard! I found some pictures from a few years ago-- you will be able to tell the difference-- last night's "blizzard" was significantly deficient!

Cranberry loves the snow! She has been praying for snow, dancing for snow. Cranberry's snow dance must have worked!! Cranberry finally found some snow!! She's looking at me as if to ask, "Where's the rest??"
Scooter goes out to help her look for more.
Now, Max is helping-- there must be more somewhere!
Maybe there's some on this tree.

Maybe there is some on the monkey grass. Starlight and Cranberry decide to look somewhere else for more snow.
Starlight gets her nose down to sniff out more snow! Cranberry follows her lead.

Now Scooter is sniffing- why is it that they all imitate each other? (You can see where Scooter's surgical areas are still growing in.)
Scooter and Cranberry head the other direction. There MUST be more!
Cranberry LOVES snow-- she is VERY intent on finding more. Just pretend you can't see the grass through the huge amount of snow we have.
Scooter takes the lead now. Hmmm, Cranberry seems to be following a lot-- totally NOT in her personality.
Max, Scooter and Maggie check out a new area near the gate. This is a tough job--
Look at the amount of snow in our front yard and on the roof! You can see why we have such a rough time getting out in it. I know all of you in N. Va. and other areas of the country really feel sorry for me. Maybe if we collect the snow in the entire front yard, we can make a really good snowball!

Oh, look at this! The deck is almost covered-- pretend you can't see between the slats. I love the early morning when it's just getting light-- so I went out and took pictures. My neighbors probably think a nut lives over here.
There's a little dusting on the chairs and the railing.

I think this is all the snow we'll get this year. But, we can PRETEND it was a blizzard!


Pekiegirl said...

We got a whole lot more snow than you did--Yoshi went out to do his biz, and came flying back in as fast as he could go, leaving Shami to wonder "where's he going"? Shami chases snowballs that he makes by walking through snow. Great fun!!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Those little explorers of yours seemed to have had lots of fun in the cold :)
I was just thrilled to finally have snow in my backyard before going home. A little snow is always good for this Cali girl!