Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Willie and the Pink Bed

Here's Suzy in her pink bed. Her mom calls it her "outrageously pink "Sweet Dreams" doggie bed." Willie knew it was for Suzy! She loves it! Willy is curious but I suspect he finds it too "girlie" - haha!
Or maybe he doesn't! Here's Willie, our New York Pekingese. He saw his sister, Suzy's new PINK bed. He figured it must be better than his! This is bed-hopping Peke style! Willy Wonton squeezes himself into the new bed! "Hey, don't you know that's a girl's bed with all the pink bows??" says Suzy. But, he seems very cozy and settles in for a snooze!!


Tracey said...

I love the pink bed. I bought one for Pollyanna. And, Pollyanna, Shadow, and Anniebelle have been in it! I'll have to send you pictures! Pollyanna misses her foster family, but she loves her new best friend - Shadow, her new boy - Michael, and her new fenced in back yard! She is doing GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Peke's are the cutest of bed hogs :)