Monday, March 16, 2009

Snuggy Bear

Snuggles was adopted last week. Here she is on the way home-- talk about settling right in! Look at her grin.
She is doing so well in her new home! It's like she has always been there.
She's sitting with her new mom and Dudley, the Peke they adopted from me four years ago.
And here they are with "Dad." We hope Dudley and Snuggy Bear will become best snuggly friends.
They're both checking out the camera!
Snuggles was raised with a young boy before she came into rescue, so she is very excited to have a grandboy to play with. And he obviously loves her, too.
Another wonderful adoption ending!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for happy endings♥

Anna said...

Snuggles is a lucky,lucky Peke to have found such a loving home! I think he is going to be spoiled and very, very happy! :-)