Friday, March 6, 2009

Other Snow Pekes

I've received more snow pictures and I had to share them with you! This is LuLu in her back yard. If you look hard, you can see some snow. But, a lot had melted, and LuLu was just fine with that!!! And for Virginia Beach, it was COLD! It was in the low 20s. We can barely move here when it's that cold!! (I know, we're wimps!)
These are Amee's Richmond dogs-- they did get more snow than we did. This is Darby's new friend, Coco, a toy poodle that belongs to a friend of Amee's - Darby loves to share her bed.

Sakks the Shitzu got stuck in it and Darby thinks it's wonderful to run and play and roll around - She rolled around so much that she got all of her sweaters dirty and had to go out "naked" later - but she thinks she is way too tough to have to wear a silly sweater - Macy - the oldest of the crew has of course seen snow before and just doesn't know what all the fuss has to be about -

It looks like there is almost a tunnel here!

They love the snow-- but it looks like they're really contemplating whether to venture down those stairs!

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