Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Richmond Pekes

Jeanne is one of our foster mom in the Richmond area. Now, they REALLY did have snow there-- unlike our "blizzard" in Virginia Beach! Above is DiDi before the snow. Below are DiDi and Snuggles/Toast in the snow. They are two of her foster dogs. They obviously love the snow! The snow was beautiful there. I love how it lays on the trees and bushes and the ground. It's just stunning.

Snuggles/Toast decides she is going to eat some snow.

Wow, this snow is a little cold. She's discussing this with Hanna.Doesn't this just make you want to get a cup of coffee and sit outside?!

DiDi is wandering around the yard. Her legs are pretty short, so I'm sure she'll carry some of the snow back inside.

Look at that tree- I think the dogs will go over there to see it better.

Or maybe they'll just pose for a picture. Isn't Hanna adorable! She does really love the snow-- even if it sticks to her face!

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Berlin Deluxxe said...

Lucky Pekes! This is the kind of snow I wanted to see :)