Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LuLu Again-- and Friends

Fran and her pups (and family!) just moved to California. The dogs are making the adjustment to her beautiful new home and nice yard. LuLu the Peke is definitely the alpha dog there-- bossy mama to them all.

Bambi Belle is timid, but doing great. Fran rescued her and Taco from a breeder who was just going to throw them away to a shelter.
Taco takes time out for an itch. Look at his coloring!!
Sweet Nubby just likes to be anywhere that she is loved.
And LuLu Belle is queen over her domain and her subjects (dogs and people). She is checking out her new surroundings and wonders what the big water feature (pool) is all about! I do NOT think she's going to take up swimming. :-)
Her mom sent me this note: "Lu was curious about the pool and would run to the edge when I was swimming. I carried her in with me and she seemed to really like the warm water on her, she had such a good time, every time I'd carry her out to the edge she'd run back and whine for me to carry her back in. I guess it cooled her off as well. (Don't worry, the pool is treated with green cleaners because of my allergy to overly chlorinated pools.) Nubby, Taco and Bell do not like it."
Lu has also made a new friend, her owner's father in law's Lab Bubba. He's an older dog and Lu enjoys following him around. Her mom said it's cute because he comes up to our bedroom door and she meets him there in the morning and waits for me to open up the door for her. They have a big size difference and they have the same color coat. We'll have pictures of them together soon.
LuLu is taking a little time getting used to California, but I know she'll love the nice weather, laying by the pool and spending time with her mom.
We have quite a few of our adopted dogs who have moved to California-- Maxwell, Tyler, Max (not the one I have now), Cooper, Dexter (with their Jelly Belly friend) and now LuLu Belle. I think there's a "Westward Ho" movement going on!!


lady jicky said...

Mmmmm, me thinks that move is going well with all those "puppies" LOL

Anonymous said...

Our once quiet Lulu now barks (well more like a whistle) when people come up to the front gate. She did this twice yesterday. Must be the weather :)

Karin said...

Those are some VERY lucky puppies - living in such luxury and surrounded by loving, caring people. Lulu definitely looks like "the boss". How adventurous of her to check out the pool! Fran obviously has a huge heart and gives her rescues all the love they could ever want:)