Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ollie and Buffy Together

Buffy needed a home.
And Ollie needed a friend.
So, Buffy went to live in Ollie's house.
And they became friends. And they played together.
And rested together.
And Tasha, from next door, comes over to play. She is howling with joy that Buffy has joined their fun time.
The three of them are such great friends now, and they get together a lot to run and play.
And now Ollie has someone to watch out the window with him instead of looking out by himself.
And when they're alone, they can just wait together, patiently, for their parents to come home. Ollie is content, he now has a friend to wait with him. TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW!


Pekiegirl said...

Very cool!! Pekes need a buddy to play with. That's why I adopted my Yoshi Bear!!

Karin said...

Ollie and Buffy appear to be perfect for each other ~ how sweet!


lady jicky said...

It was a pekeapoo!!! how lovely for Ollie that Buffy has come to live with him - they look like they have been together for ever Linda and that sweet poodle next door looks so happy too!

Mmmm - I wonder whats up tomorrow??

Jeanne said...

Ollie seems to be a very lucky little guy to have such a pretty new sister.....they look great together......What a great story.....Good luck to both...